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Skagen 233LTMN Review

The Skagen 233LTMN has been one of the preferred watches by sophisticated and simple men alike. Ladies would definitely love to see you wear the sleek and clean European style of the Skagen 233LTMN. You will not even notice that you are wearing this watch because of its ultra light weight and thinness. Its black case frames are made from titanium while its bright blue dial, silver hands and indicators gives your watch a striking appearance.

Skagen 233LTMN comes with a uniquely designed strap made from stainless steel and plated with black titanium that will hug your wrist. This watch’s movement is reliable for it is made from Japanese quartz and is resistant to water even to depths of 30 meters underwater.

Here’s a short video for the Skagen 233LTMN:

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Skagen 233LTMN Reviews

The Skagen 233LTMN has garnered many positive remarks from consumers over at the Amazon website. Many have found out that the watch is absolutely what the promotions were really saying; it is light and very comfortable to wear around the wrist.

Like countless others, you would always hear many compliments about the watch especially about its simple, sleek and stylistic design but not necessarily gaudy which often times would lead people to ask where to buy that watch. Compared with the other watch brands, the Skagen 233LTMN is thinner and lighter and the watch feels like it is a part of your body. When you wear it, you would hardly even notice that there is a watch clasped around your wrist.

An interesting design that you will notice is that the watch has no hand that point to the seconds but it isn’t really an issue. It is completely silent and very durable because the case is made from titanium plated stainless steel. The watch also comes with a handy instruction manual that shows you how to adjust the watch and the clasp. Moreover the manual has instructions and tips on how to properly care and clean your Skagen 233LTMN.

However a few users find the clasp of Skagen 233LTMN as a daunting task. They find it hard to adjust and close it properly and that there are times that the watches will fall off the wrist. But the solution to their problem was to look first in the manual and as long as they fully understood the instructions, keeping the watch locked and secure on the wrist will always be simple.

Overall, the Skagen 233LTMN is a stylish watch that tells the time accurately without the annoying weight on your wrist. This certain watch brings about an aura of simplicity that speaks a lot about you as a person. A lot have been satisfied with this watch and I know you will also if you get yours now.

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Skagen 358SSSD Review

With all the watches that promise excellent quality and a superb design, the Skagen Women’s 358SSSD is a watch that definitely is suited to that category.

Having a style that enables women to wear it in almost any occasion and in almost any event, it is considered a must-have if you need a versatile watch for different clothing combinations. Since most of the materials are made from stainless steel, durability is automatically a guarantee in your timepiece.

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Skagen 358SSSD Reviews

If you love versatility in watches and thus avoiding that unsure feeling of removing it or not in different outfits then this watch is perfect for you. Simple yet sophisticated are two adjectives that stand out when wearing this. Armed with crystals that sparkle and shine and make everyone go “Ooh” and “Aah”, this timepiece definitely portrays elegance.

The case is extremely thin and the band is thin as well. In its compatibility among different types of outfits, it suits more into classy outfits and dresses but can also be used in everyday clothes but tends to look unsuited if worn along with a sporty outfit.  Given its beauty especially when matched with a greet outfit, the price that this watch has is definitely a bargain. With the retail price that is very affordable even for non-professionals, the discounted price is even more helpful for people who are working with a budget.

A feature that most users appreciate is that it has an adjustable strap that can be adjusted very easily. This is very handy for people who have friends or family members that borrow watches temporarily. Another detail that users appreciate is that it has a unique color and feel of the dial on hands making it look even more beautiful.

However, the only problem that most people face with this watch is that it is not waterproof. Most of the watches we see today are waterproof and that is the reason why we might quickly assume that this watch is also waterproof. It isn’t the manufacturer’s fault really; it is more on the side of the buyers not reading the specifications first because although the details say it can survive down to 99 feet, we have to remember that the watch is very thin and moisture tends to build inside a thin watch.

Versatile, slim, light and not over the top; what more can you ask for? With everything that this sophisticated and elegant watch offers, the Skagen Women’s 358SSSD is definitely recommended.

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Skagen 233XLTMB Review

The Skagen Men’s 233XLTMB is a timepiece that defines masculinity while portraying sophistication. Its classic design that is imbued with details that are modern truly gives it a fresh look for men’s watches. Its mineral dial window gives it durability because it protects it from direct impact. Arabic numerals are used in order to clearly portray what time it is while being accompanied by a date calendar near the bottom of the face.

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This timepiece has what it takes to make a man feel good about himself. Why? It is because its features, style and design gives it that feeling. This watch contains a band that is black titanium that enables it to be compatible into almost any color scheme while building up its durability to withstand much pressure for many years. This is truly the perfect watch that will make people think of you as a person who has a good taste in watches.

What makes this watch much appreciated is that it is waterproof and very durable. Both these qualities are what men need the most in their watches because frankly, most men can be careless. It also gives the watch the versatility that men wants in order to avoid the tiring scenario of removing the watch almost every time an activity will happen for the fear of damaging it.

One of the most praised features of this watch is its very manageable and very user-friendly clasp. Gone are the complexities of clasping with this watch; with a process of clasping that involves only 3 quick moves, it is justifiably considered as a watch that is made for men. Not only is the process easy but it is very secure because it involves 2 levels of locks that are also not too tight on your wrist.

The most common problem that most users face is that the black color of the watch fades easily. According to them, its blackness would fade easily especially after much impact or friction is applied on it; leaving huge scratches or marks in its path. Their stand is actually valid but it still depends on how the users take care of their product because the users that were very satisfied with the watch never mentioned such problems.

The Skagen Men’s 233XLTMB is truly defined as a superb watch especially for men who like dark colors. Its color and its design is a perfect match for any type of man that is in any type of occasion. With all the features it possesses, what can you ask more from a timepiece?

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Skagen 170LTTM Review

The Skagen 170LTMM is a stylish and sophisticated accessory that will perfectly complement your daytime business attire.

Instead of using stainless steel, Skagen’s manufacturers have opted to go all titanium on most of their watches, including this one, and therefore allows for a lighter but more durable watch. It has a 36 millimeter casing, bezel and 18-millimeter linked bracelet that’s all built in titanium. Classic silver touches for the indices and second hands complete the refined look.

Additionally, the window is made of virtually scratch-resistant mineral dial, which conveniently protects the elegant grey face of the watch.

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Skagen 170LTTM Reviews

Reviewers highly regarded the 170LTMM in terms of its style, lightweight design and accuracy. One reviewer says that you must not rely on the screenshots because the minimalist design of the watch greatly improves when you see it with your own eyes. While it may be advertised as a business watch, many reviewers have cited several occasions where they have used this watch outside business matters, thus, making it a very versatile timepiece.

The band also has a very simple design and is very light. The good thing about this is that it doesn’t feel like a burden, so it’s not a hindrance when writing. Other reviewers even say they often times do not feel like wearing the watch at all! This looks great for men with small to medium sized wrists. You need not worry about the size though, as the band easily adjusts to fit your size.

The 170LTMM features a very secure fold-over-clasp with a safety to close up the watch. With it, you’re sure that the watch won’t easily fall off from your wrist. It also allows a cool air circulation, so your wrists won’t much from sweat. The light matte grey color of the watch in general looks fantastic in suits and even t-shirts. A reviewer also states that, despite his carelessness for the watch (primarily because it is lightweight), the watch stays intact after many bangs and bumps. Other reviewers also agree to the watch’s durability, proving that the finish and craftsmanship done to manufacture this watch was quite tedious.

Another reviewer stated that he loves the watch particularly because the band doesn’t pull the hair from his wrists off, as compared to other watches with metallic links. Because of the quartz movement, the watch tells time accurately, and the date indicator is a great touch for a minimalist watch like this one.

However, the Skagen 170LTMM’s minimalist style also yields its weakness, as it doesn’t support other functions (day, 24 hour time, etc). The hands and indices’ absence of any form of illumination might put off some people looking to use this watch a lot at night. But if you really think about it, the face won’t look good as it is right now if the hands and indices have illuminative properties.

Overall, we and many other reviewers were very pleased with the 170LTMM in terms of its style and performance. It shines greatly with any outfit you can think of, endures a lot of punishment, comfortable, lightweight and, most importantly, can tell time accurately.

If you’re looking for a watch that will suit your minimalist needs without burning through your wallet, we highly recommend the Skagen 170LTMM.

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Skagen 233XLTTM Review

For any man, despite who he is in life, the Skagen 233XLTTM Titanium Watch can be a rare addition to his everyday living. This simple yet stylish timepiece which is 34 millimeters in diameter and 5 millimeters in thickness is constructed from tough titanium, both the case and the bezel.

It has a stylish 22 millimeter wide mesh bracelet that is made from titanium and it has a safety clasp that is fold over to secure the watch around your wrist.

Its watch face has silver colored Arabic numerals and it has a 24-hour display with silver colored hands. The movement is powered by quartz and even has a calendar that shows the present date. Furthermore, this watch is resistant to water even if you dive down the water up to the depths of 99 feet.

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Skagen 233XLTTM Reviews

This watch is a great find because this watch is relatively cheap. You can purchase this watch on an average price of $60 compared to other watches with the same functions and description that is priced at $200 to $400 or more.

A thing that you will like about this watch is that it is thin and light compared to other watches for men that are bulky and heavy. The watch only weighs around 5 ounces and wearing this watch is like having nothing on your wrist but a piece of band strapped around it.

The Skagen 233XLTTM is easy to adjust and reading the time is relatively easy. Even your 5 year old nephew can tinker around with your watch and know the time. If you buy this watch now you will receive a manual with instructions on how to clean and handle the watch properly plus a 2 year warranty that has absolutely no added cost. So basically it is a nice catch right?

However there are others who believe that purchasing this watch is just a waste of money because they have experienced having the glass of their watch’s face being scratched, cracked or broken. They say the damage was not related to any physical maltreatment. Although, many didn’t believe it simply because it didn’t happen to the many careful people who are satisfied with their Skagen 233XLTTM watch.

If you are interested in a watch that is simple yet stylistic, looks expensive but actually affordable, light yet durable and a watch that tells time properly then the Skagen Men’s 233XLTTM is the right one for you. Getting one is a decision you’ll never regret; this watch will definitely be a heaven-sent for you.

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Skagen 809XLTTM Review

With a sophisticated yet simple look and feel of the Skagen 809XLTTM, people who look at it will simply be amazed and be in awe. Most of it would be because of its titanium and mesh band that delivers the stylish and clean demeanor that only a few watches can deliver.

Being thin yet durable, it is a must-have for most professionals and even if you are not one, by wearing it, you will definitely feel like one. Not only is it superior in design but it is also very simple to use making it a gem for most men.

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This timepiece has had a very high positive rating and it is no wonder due to all the features it possesses. If you desire to have a watch that you rarely remove no matter in whatever situation or task you are in then this is definitely the perfect watch for you. Why? Simply because it weighs as if it never weighed anything and the material used for the strap is very compatible for your skin.

Featuring a Scandinavian design which is classic, this watch also does not only present itself as a stylish and elegant watch but also boasts itself in its features. Even without reading the instructions found in the manual, you can directly tinker with your timepiece without ever being confused how it works or how to configure it. It has extra features that can be very useful in many cases; these features are the stock ticker, barometric pressure monitor, the indicator of what day of the week and the date while also having a 24-hour reference.

However, most of the negative reviews that this watch has garnered are due to the frailty of its glass. You see, the glass extends itself on the edges of the face of the watch making it susceptible to breaking even with medium contact. This is a common problem found usually with men users who tend to get careless with their watches although for those who encounter this problem, they can not deny the beauty and usefulness of this watch.

A lot of people prefer a light but “featuristic” type of watch which gives the Skagen Men’s 809XLTTM a high rating among many users. This watch delivers everything that you want from a watch and for most, even more! It is definitely a recommendation to everyone who has a taste in choosing elegance and style in their timepieces.

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Skagen 396LTTM Review

Skagen does it again with its signature design of sophisticated watches that won’t burn through your wallet. The Skagen 396LTTM is a more modern take on things, boasting a stainless steel mesh band and a solid titanium case that gets lightness and durability all in one package.

You won’t have to worry about wearing this at the beach as it is designed to withstand salt-water corrosion. To further add its style, it has a dark gray dial with silver markers and silver baton hands – a very versatile color scheme that you can mix and match with many outfits.

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Skagen 396LTTM Reviews

Reviewers particularly gave favor to the Skagen 396LTTM’s design and attention to detail. The charcoal finish truly gives a tasteful look and complements any suit or shirt. Its multi-function is quite useful as it gives you the day and date in a jiffy. If you’re a fan for square shaped watches, then, this watch will truly suit your fancy.

While it may be made out of titanium and all sorts of silvery peripherals, reviewers still contend that it has a simple and essentially & classy look rather than looking all too “blingy”. It’s not a real eye-catcher though – but what this watch does is to blend or mesh together seamlessly with your outfit. The huge hour marks make it easy for you to tell the time, and the second hand is a very welcome addition.

Reviewers also liked the fact that it has an adjustable band. If you ever get tired of watches that are too big and you have to go to a watch service shop, you will have your fears suppressed here. The Skagen 396LTTM has an adjustable band that’s great and comfortable. Adjustable bands often “clip” your skin, but, fortunately, this isn’t the case for this watch.

Reviewers also say that while it has the look and feel of a luxury watch, it certainly doesn’t have the fragility of one. Luxury watches tend to be heavy, thus, allowing them to be susceptible to a lot of damage especially when you accidentally bang them on the door knob. Skagen’s titanium build ensures you that a few bumps here and there will not disturb the composure of its design and functionality. It’s that reliable. Additionally, because it has a Japanese-quartz timing system, it tells the time quite precisely.

The watch does get a couple of complaints from some reviewers, saying that the manual adjustment for the daytime function is quite difficult to control. The adjustable band may also prove to be unwieldy at times, but does lock in securely when you do the locking-in properly. In the end, these are infinitesimally small flaws in an otherwise great watch.

Suffice to say, it had us and several reviewers amazed by its great design, durable yet lightweight build and a very, very reasonable price. If you really have a thing for watches that are square shaped, have black dials, contemporary in design, blends in for any outfit, then, the Skagen 396LTTM is the right wrist watch for you.

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Skagen 809XLTRB Review

The Skagen 809XLTRB is a 2010 model watch with a classic round shaped dial and an analog type display for that definitive, tried-and-tested look.

Its titanium build ensures you its durability while giving you a classy and sophisticated accessory that you could wear for most occasions. With a modern carbon fiber dial encased within a rose gold plating, the watch seamlessly meshes the classic with the contemporary.

Like many of the Skagen watches, this is a multi-function watch that boasts three extra dials for the user’s convenience. It also features a water-resistance level of up to 99 feet.

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Skagen 809XLTRB Reviews

This watched has already pleased dozens of customers, mostly praising it for its great and stylish design donning a classic look within a contemporary profile. The watch has a thin build, so it’s perfect for most wrist sizes and body types. Wear this if you want to look elegant all night, as it really has the feel of refinement written all over its band and dial. However, as one reviewer stated, this is also a very versatile watch as he can wear it with everything – not only suits, but shirts as well. The rose gold casing definitely adds a unique touch to all those copper plated watches in the market.

Other reviewers say that this watch looks more expensive than it actually is, because it really comes with a very reasonable price. They also commented on the comfort that you’ll have with this watch, and fortunately, it fits snugly on your wrist without clamping on it. Of course, you can always have the watch adjusted easily. It locks in securely as well, so you don’t have to worry about the watch falling off if you get a little active. Don’t be fooled by the band – the screenshots might indicate a leathery texture, but, in reality, it’s metal mesh, adding more grace and elegance to your look. This clearly allows you to wear this in several occasions.

Of course, the watch does come with some small drawbacks. First, while it says it can handle 99 feet of underwater exploration, this is not really recommended, especially for watches which aren’t specified for sports use. However, this can still be worn to survive quick splashes (washing hands) and showers. Next, since the color of the multi-function dials is quite the same with the hands of the watch, the time may seldom be a bit hard to read. However, reviewers say that this hasn’t been much of a problem. The watch may need careful maintenance after a several months or a few years (especially if you wear it daily), but this is only natural for a watch that comes in this price range.

Overall, the pros of this watch really overshadow the cons a lot that you might not even notice them at all. This is still a very elegant and classy watch that has a very refined feel, a great build, useful multi-function dials and versatility that comes in a very affordable price tag. The Skagen 809XLTRB is highly recommended for those looking for a nifty accessory or great gift without spending a fortune.

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Skagen 596XLTXM Review

The Skagen 596XLTXM is a stylishly brilliant watch to fit the incessant modern requirements of the business world. Wear this to work and your sure to get some unsolicited compliments. The titanium-build of this men’s watch makes you feel the great craftsmanship done on it.

The titanium (30 percent stronger than steel, but 50 percent lighter) also ensures durability and lightweight design. Taking this to the beach isn’t going to be a problem with its resistance to salt-water corrosion. For those who have been suffering metal allergies, the 596XLTXM is hypo-allergenic, so you could wear it without worries.

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Skagen 596XLTXM Reviews

Many reviewers thought of the Skagen 596XLTXM as an elegant and luxurious yet sporty watch that you can wear with a suit or a shirt. Reviewers loved the fact that this has a black dial face with three very useful, albeit small dials for 24-hour format time, day of the week, and of course, date. The luminous markers and hands make the watch very easy to read, whether in broad daylight or in darkest night. Plus, the small minute indexes really help if you want to tell the accurate time. Reviewers also liked the fact that the watch supports Japanese-quartz movement for precision.

It cannot be stressed enough that this is a brilliantly designed watch. One of the reviewers said that the titanium build is slick and the scratch-resistant mineral crystal face is cleanly finished. While it looks like the metallic links give a lot of weight to the watch, it doesn’t, and this is, again, because of the material used. As mentioned, because of the design, this will really suit your suits, but you can take this watch to the beach as well. The 100-meter water resistance level will offer protection from splashes, light diving and snorkeling.

Another nice touch for security is the way you lock this watch in place. It has a fold-over-clasp with a double-push button safety to secure your watch never leaves your hand no matter how sweaty you become. This is a great clasp and is preferred by most watch wearers, not excluding our reviewers, of course. The silver and gray color scheme give this watch certain anonymity, thus, it can go well with a lot of outfits (if not all).

Reviewers also contend that the watch is actually very durable, and you will need this with a watch weighing like a feather. However, there have been complaints regarding the watch, such as the scratch prone band (as opposed to the virtually scratch resistant face) and the luminous hands and markers that don’t stay lit too long (especially if you had the watch under your cuffs all day).

In totality though, these are very small issues that can be easily overlooked with the overall beauty and function of the watch. It’s accurate, very versatile for any outfit, lightweight, durable and can be a great accessory under water. Plus, another factor to redeem it from the cons is the very low price tag, which doesn’t justify the luxurious look of this watch.

If you’re looking for a great looking watch and a tight budget, we and our reviewers definitely recommend the Skagen 596XLTXM.

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Skagen 233XLSGS Review

The Skagen 233XLSGS isn’t a standard men’s watch in terms of look, color and style. This watch boldly features a white dial face enclosed within a mineral dial window. The golden hour and minute hands bring a stint of sophistication to your look, and the silver-tone numerals complement them very well, making sure that you look like you truly “own” your evening look.

The inner 24-hour time telling display is a greatly added touch. With the 233XLSGS’ quartz movement, you’re sure to have the right time every time. Plus, the stainless steel case ensures you durability for years to come.

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Skagen 233XLSGS Reviews

A watch with a luxurious feel.” This is how many of the reviewers felt about the Skagen 233XLSGS. It sports a mesh watch band that’s very, very easy to adjust to fit your wrist (whether it’s thick or thin). The luxury is even slung further with the daring white dial and golden hands and numbers, allowing you to show your opulence with much flair.

The stainless steel build gave the reviewers the security they needed for this time-piece’s durability, plus the accuracy of it’s time telling capabilities is supported by a tried and tested quartz movement. To add to its features, it can be water resistant and the manufacturers were thoughtful enough to include a limited-lifetime warranty – something that made one of the reviewers happy and appreciative of Skagen’s support.

The thin profile of this watch is preferred by those who wish to have a lightweight watch or someone who doesn’t like the feel of a watch being a burden when doing activities like writing or typing. Since the dial is bright, reviewers say that the face can be very easy to read. Another reviewer stated that the watch itself has a sort of silent charm, as it can draw out several compliments from other people, so, this can be easily considered as a truly great looking watch.

The Skagen 233XLSGS comes in a very reasonably priced package. The inexpensive price does not hamper the manufacturer’s ability to craft a great watch though, especially one that shouts luxury, elegance and good taste. Reviewers say that this is definitely a worthy purchase. The watch is also very silent, and even the ticking can’t be heard in close quarters.

Reviewers also comment the overall comfort while wearing this watch. While the look may be more appropriate for formal dinners, it can be worn in other functions where you’ll need a comfortable watch. The slim and lightweight design gives it the comfort it has. The stainless steel strap, although very snappy and hard, is devoid of any sharp edges to injure or pinch skin.

While there are a couple of complaints with the mesh band not being comfortable in hot weather (as you can get sweaty), and the small calendar view, the Skagen 233XLSGS is still a great watch and can hold its own against other, even more expensive, watches in terms of look and, of course, price range.

If you’d like to have a luxurious looking watch that’s durable and performs well but doesn’t cost a fortune we highly recommend it. You can thank us and the reviewers after getting unsolicited compliments.

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